About Museyo Mindoro

I have been wishing to make a book about Oriental Mindoro.

But while writing it is doable with decent focus and determination, publishing it takes gigantic effort. And acquiring the book would cost money in case you got interested.

In the bathroom, an idea popped up in my head: Go online! Go online! So here. I am creating this blog, Museyo Mindoro, for three purposes: (1) to document how far my home province has gone; (2 ) to provide research and reference services; and (3) to realize my dream of building a museum, albeit digital, as show window for cultural, religious, and historical materials of importance to my home province. Hopefully, starting this blog would lead to other worthy endeavors.



Museyo Mindoro is a “one-stop-shop’’ online research facility promoting the history and story of Oriental Mindoro and its people.



Creating a heightened understanding of the formative years of Oriental Mindoro,
and the life and contributions of Mindoreños who helped her grow and develop.



1. To increase awareness on the history & culture of the province;
2. To feature the achievements and works of accomplished Mindoreños;
3. To exhibit artifacts and unique places & events in the province; and
4. To recommend research-based policies to further develop Or. Mindoro.



“Oriental Mindoro…see her at last!”


Website Owner: Marites Alberto- Gonzaga
Website Developer: Rommel G. Peralta
Graphics Assistant: Darwin L. Gian
Partners: Edwin I. Alberto, OMHS Classmates, & Friends


I love Oriental Mindoro deeply because she is the land of my birth, and because we were born the same year, 1950. So I keep writing songs about her.

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Museyo Mindoro would like to show you the most heartwarming images of Oriental Mindoro the way you have never seen her before.

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For easier access, Museyo Mindoro refers you to the links to Youtube Videos featuring people, places, culture, and events happening in Oriental Mindoro.

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In a virtual gallery setting, Museyo Mindoro exhibits natural objects and artifacts unique to Oriental Mindoro to help you discover and enjoy our province better.

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